The key to happiness

I love this TED Talk by Shawn Achor. I watch it a few times a year and try to do as he says. If you have the 12 minutes, I highly recommend watching it. He’s entertaining and inspiring all the while helping you shift your mindset from thinking that success is based on what you’ll feel like once you get to a certain level (be it at work, social standing or economic standing, sports teams, etc.). Instead, he contends that happiness is about refocusing your brain’s lens on what you have now.

In a nutshell he says that in order to shift your brain’s focus, every day for a month you need to:
1. Meditate
2. Journaling (relive any positive events from the previous day)
3. Write down three things you are thankful for
3. Exercise
4. Perform one random act of kindness

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