A Vintage Year

A Vintage Year Book Cover

A novel about a former ATP tennis player (who was ranked number 1 for three weeks at the height of his career), Harris Tucker, eight years after retirement. Having lived a lavish jetsetting life for the past eight years, and making one very bad real estate investment in 2007, his tennis earnings and endorsements are now close to gone.

Before Harris knows what’s happening he finds himself working as a farmhand on a vineyard in the Santa Barbara hills and living over the vineyard’s barn. Clearly too good for the work, he makes life difficult for the family that has taken him in, while they wonder just what they were thinking when they allowed him to stay.

But it is through his growing and often acrimonious relationship with the family — especially the daughter Laura (still reeling from her divorce) that Harris finally begins to see beyond his own needs and desires. Harris starts developing goals, something he hasn’t done since he was a tennis player, and life begins to have new meaning for him.

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